Corporate Secretarial

Corporate Secretarial Services

Incorporation Package - Basic

from $1,200

one-time fee

Suitable for Singapore citizens or permanent residents who wish to incorporate a Singapore private limited company

Company Incorporation (S$1,200, inclusive of all government fees)

Company secretary for 1st year (S$720)


Add-on fee for registered office address service
Add-on fee for inclusion of each corporate shareholder
Add-on fee for each additional director (from 3rd director onwards)
Add-on fee for CorpPass Application
Add-on fee for purchase of ACRA Certificate of Incorporation
Add-on fee for CPF Registration Application

** We need to witness the signing of all documents in our office. Members who are not present or are in overseas, Notary Public is required to witness the signing of all documents.**

Corporate Secretarial Services


per year

We provide qualified people (the ‘Nominee’) to be the named Secretary of your Company in compliance with Section 171(1AA) of the Companies Act.

Registered Office Address Service


per year

* Fees are before 7% GST